About Us

Welcome! So here's the skinny on us..

..started dating in '08 after being strictly friends for months
..in the beginning we really bonded over cancer bar crawls, concerts and other shenanigans that we no longer participate in. Stupid growing up.
..we are the biggest ex-runners you'll ever meet! We discovered running is just plain stupid and kills your body. Hello biking and swimming!
..he loves everything insurance, recycling and being frugal while she enjoys undoing all of his frugel-ness, anything involving photography and cooking
..we bought a super cute home in December of 2011 and we are in the process of making it our own
..we love to travel and discover new places. DC is up next!
..if I'm not here, you can catch me over at the biz site, Brooklyns Photography

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  1. Pretty excited about this new personal blog of yours....I'm having troubles subcribing to it though...I think something is wrong on my end with my computer settings at work...

    anyways...YAY!!! you inspire me to do more writing on ours!