Thursday, February 28, 2013

Washington, D.C.-Day 4

Welcome to Day 4! Today is our last day in downtown D.C. before we head south to Fairfax County, VA! We had a busy day at the Newseum and then headed into a few meeting with the Nebraska Senators, Mike Johanns and Deb Fischer. That night, we headed to the Washington Capitals hockey game! It was really fun and we've never been to a pro hockey game before!

Pulitzer prize photographs at the Newseum

The Berlin Wall

Oklahoma City bombing

Shoe Bomber's shoes

View from the top of the Newseum

Antenna from the north tower of the WTC. Newspapers are from the next day all over the world.


Senator Mike Johanns and the NAHU group

Headlines from 9/11

NAHU with Deb Fischer

Washington, D.C.-Day 3

I'm officially behind. Here is Day 3 of our trip! I took Brian to Georgetown for the afternoon since he didn't have to be back until 3:30! It was cold and rainy, so we pretty much ate our way through Georgetown! I once again, stopped at Georgetown Cupcakes and it didn't disappoint :) We had lunch at Serendipity and had one of their famous frozen peanut hot chocolates! It was delicious! Brian had a skirt steak salad and I had a triple decker grilled cheese and chili! Comfort food at it's finest! 

Monday, February 25, 2013

Washington, D.C.-Day 2

Welcome back to day 2 of our D.C. trip! Like yesterday, I did a lot of walking! I literally can eat whatever I want since I know I'll be walking it off! If only I walked this much in Omaha! Today I slept in to recover from all the running around I did yesterday. I met Brian out for lunch over his break to go to Hill Country BBQ.

After lunch, we walked around quick before Brian had to be back for his afternoon meetings.

He's all biz, all the time.

The Newseum has all the newspapers from every state and around the world on display everyday! If you look closely to the right, you can see the front page of the Omaha World Herald! I would hate to be that person who has to change those out every single day!

Once I dropped Brian back off, I took the bus to Georgetown! This is what I've been looking forward to the most! It's the cutest town in America!

After I shopped, walked, ate, shopped again, ate again, I saved the famous Georgetown Cupcakes for last! There is a reason why these cupcakes are Oprah's favorite!

Once I inhaled my cupcake, I hopped back on the trusty bus and made my way back to the hotel. We had a social hour at a nearby seafood place with Brian's organization. We had tuna sliders (tuna is my all time favorite!!) , beef sliders, squid, oysters and lots of shrimp! It was fantastic! 

Tomorrow I am off to the great Holocaust museum! They say it can take 2 days but I'm super speedy and will probably be out by noon :) I'm hoping it's not going to rain like they say, so I can rent a bike again and bum around town!

Happy Tuesday!

Washington, D.C.- Day 1

Happy Monday! We arrived in D.C. Saturday night and I'm pumped! I've never been before and I'm going to sightsee the crap out of the next 9 days!

Saturday night, we went to a really cool local pub, The Sixth Engine. We had black truffle and goat cheese, Mac N Cheese, Flatbread and homemade chips! It was a great meal!

Sunday, I went out sightseeing all day while Brian was in meetings. I started by walking to and around the Capital. I started pretty early in the day so I was lucky to be able to get some great shots without to many tourists and runners in my way :) 

After I conquered the good ol' Capital, I headed down the mall and walked to the National Monument.

Once I walked the Mall, I headed into town a little bit and had brunch at Teaism. I'm not a coffee or tea drinker, so I settled on french toast and cilantro scrambled eggs. It was good and I wish I drank tea because they had about a bajillion to choose from.

After brunch, headed towards The Smithsonian of Art and Portrait Gallery. It was cool for awhile but it was so nice out and I needed to escape and get back outside! 

Made out of foil!

I somehow discovered some very nice shopping as I was headed to Fords Theatre and decided to spend the rest of the afternoon outside rather than inside. It was sunny and 55 out and the last thing I wanted to do, was be inside! I stumbled upon Lou Lou's and I love this boutique! It's super cute and a local boutique here.

I did some more shopping, saw Fords Theatre, The Navy Memorial and then headed back to the hotel. Brian was out at 3pm and it was so nice we decided to rent bikes! We always rent bikes on vacation if it's available and this was a perfect place to do it! I had been walking for 6 hours and my tootsies needed a break!

We ended the day at The Dubliner for some fish and chips and chicken pot pie!

That's it for Day 1! Today I am headed out to lunch with Brian and then going to Union Station! I will update tomorrow!