Friday, April 19, 2013

Healthy Tuna Dip

During the midst of this crazy news week, it's hard to believe my sister and I will bring children into this completely unsafe world. Way to many knot heads running around!

While being glued to my TV this afternoon, I decided to make my go to snack. Healthy tuna dip! This is one of those dips you will easily get addicted to and will soon always have it on hand! I started making this over 10 years ago while lifeguarding at my local pool. It keeps really well and is packed with protein and really fills you up. It's so delicious and we eat this at least twice a week! I mix the can of tuna with just enough mustard to make it wet and sometimes a tiny dollop of mayo. Love me some mayo! Here's what you'll need..


1 can of tuna in water
1 TBSP almonds
1 tsp dried dill
mayo (optional)
cranberries (optional)


Mix just enough mustard to make it wet or to the consistency you like. Add your drill and almonds and voila! A healthy snack! You can also add some dried cranberries or mayo if you would like.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Life Lately..

Ever since returning from Florida, it's been a busy week! We came back and immediately had 2 showers. One for friends (Newton friends to be specific) and one for our family. It was a very fun, exhausting weekend! We got some amazing gifts and we can't wait to put them to use! Only a few short months away! 7 months snuck up on us fast! It's been very convenient being pregnant with your sister at the same time! We can both be clueless together :)

All of our goodies.

Brian with little Will

Traci and Collin with my no name niece. We shall call her Kate.

Little windy folks. Another no name child. Feel free to send suggestions!

Dare I say, cutest artwork ever? 

I think we could get used to this.

After our Saturday night friends shower, we got up Sunday morning and headed to brunch to say goodbye to everyone who came into town. 

Up next, our family shower thrown by our sister-in-law, Jackie and our sister, Jaime. They did a fabulous job and I'm not saying that only because they served desserts only for the food! They were quick and efficient! 

Diet food.

We feel just as tired as we look.

Oh and I can officially say the nursery is completed! actually don't believe that do you?? We'll be those parents setting up the crib at the same time we head into the hospital.

However, we did get it painted! 

In our defense, it's pretty pointless to fill the room with furniture when we are getting new carpet in a few weeks!

Have a great Friday everyone!

Friday, April 12, 2013

The End of Florida

So after being on Anna Maria Island for 3 days, we headed down to Ft Myers (where Brian's sister lives) on Friday morning and stayed until Sunday morning. Before heading down south, we just knew we needed the famous Anna Maria Donuts one last time! However, the line was 2 hours long and as much as I needed those donuts, I settled on Waffle House instead :)

On our way to Ruthies, we hit up a massive outlet and did some major shopping! New sunglasses, dress, floppy sun hat, zip up hoodie and tanks for her and an iPad case and tshirts for him!

Friday night, we went to dinner at Doc Fords (I think?) and had some great seafood! Brian had the fish tacos and I had macadamia nut red snapper. Both were very good! Saturday, we headed south for an hour and went to Vanderbilt beach, which is basically Naples. It was so busy but it was a perfect beach day! That night we went to a local pizza bar and watched the Louisville/WSU game and called it an early night!

Sunday morning, we got up and made the long trip north to Orlando! The in lawsuits moved to Orlando from Des Moines so this was our first time seeing their new house! We loved the pool and the whole outside deck will be perfect when visiting! We won't make it down to Florida again until New Years, but it'll be a perfect spot to ring in 2014! We lounged by the pool all day Sunday and Monday we headed to the Atlantic coast to New Smyrna beach! The most shark infested beach in the nation! I always see it on shark week and to our surprise, we did see one shark! It was crazy! You never think you'll be that close to a shark in your lifetime. We did some boutique shopping, ate lunch on the beach and took some walks on the beach.

Our trip came to an end Tuesday and we flew home to 40 degree temps and rain/snow. Ridiculous. We did get to see our little, rowdy girl Cali though!

Well that should be our last (flying) trip for awhile! In 6 months we've tackled The Cayman Islands, Chicago, DC and Florida! We're very excited to stay home for awhile and put those suitcases away!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Sharks, dolphins and Manta Rays

Greetings! Thank goodness for a rainy day! We somehow managed to burn our hands and feet but nothing in between! How bizarre?! We started the day off at Anna Marias Donuts and they were exquisite! Well worth the 40 minute wait! They were made to order cake donuts and you were able to choose between 6 icings (vanilla, glazed, caramel etc.) and then you chose your toppings (fruity pebbles, cinnamon sugar, raspberry etc. ). They had a bazillion combinations to think of! We need to open one in Omaha!

We then drove into Sarasota to do some shopping and eating. After shopping, we stopped at Mozzarella Fella for Italian sandwiches topped with homemade mozzarella! The mozzarella is actually made as you order your sandwich, so it's still warm by the time you get it. Again, something we don't have back home!

Tonight we just lounged out on our patio and had some appetizers. While hanging out down at the beach, we saw countless dolphins, Manta Rays and hammerhead sharks!

Tomorrow we head south to Ft Myers for 3 days! It's been a few years since I've been, so it should be fun!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Crispy Coadys!

Our first day was a success! We are burnt to a crisp and we are no longer transparent! It was so nice out today and we were out by 9:30am and called it a day around 4:30pm. It was a long, fun day at the beach! We headed to The Rod and Reel Pier for dinner tonight. The atmosphere was really cool! The restaurant was out on the pier and while you waited for your table, you could hangout and fish! My kind of night! We saw a huge school of stingrays and also 4 or 5 sand sharks!

Dinner was great! I had seared sesame tuna with roasted zucchini and squash a d Brian had fried grouper with rice. It was a great meal! We headed to Dips afterwards to grab ice cream. I had a red velvet cake ice cream cone and Brian had a butterscotch rocky road cone. It was a great evening and we capped it off with a beach walk.

Tomorrow were going to go into Sarasota/Bradenton to shop as its supposed to storm.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Anna Maria Island-Day 1

Greetings from Florida! Today was a long day, as we woke up at 3:30am, traveled and lounged at the beach until sunset. We are tuckered out. After the beach, we headed to a local restaurant where we had the most amazing meal in a very long time. Dare I say ever?? We started with goat cheese bruschetta, which didn't have that tangy, tart taste that you're familiar with. It was so smooth and creamy. Simply the best! I had lobster, Gouda Mac n Cheese and it was divine! It wasn't heavy like most Mac n cheese dishes. This was very light, with a buttery flavor from the lobster. The lobster was so amazing! Most restaurants over cook their lobster to where it's rubbery or its not fresh. This was the exact opposite. Brian had blackened mahi mahi fish tacos with a cold orzo pasta salad. It had a little kick but it was very light and fresh! I honestly was to obsessed with my meal that I really couldn't tell you much about his other than it was good!

Tomorrow we are making fruit smoothies and packing a cooler to sit our sandy bums back at the beach for the whole day! Have a good Wednesday!