Friday, June 21, 2013

New Bannister and Carpet!

We have been extra, super busy the past 10 days! We knew we hated our oak railing/bannister but hated the thought of painting it ourselves. Seriously, just the thought of taping each and every spindle off made my skin crawl! However, we sucked it up and taped away. It took me one whole day to tape, 1-2 days to prime and another 1-2 days to paint. It was a massive/messy project but turned out amazing! Total cost=$48 and it looks brand new and the comments we get on it just melt my little heart!

Also, we got new carpet this week! Our entire house is either crammed into our kitchen or in our storage room in the basement. It's a mess but excited to finally be able to put our house back together tonight and furnish the nursery and nursery bathroom this weekend! Woohoo! Thank goodness this child is giving us the full 40 weeks to work with, otherwise it could've gotten hairy, fast!

So what do you think? Pretty big change! This is only about an 1/8th of the bannister/railing but the boys are moving everything back right now and won't be able to get an after shot of the upstairs until tomorrow!

Have a great weekend! We are headed out to Westshores for a little BBQ'ing and some boating! 

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