Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Anna Maria Island-Day 1

Greetings from Florida! Today was a long day, as we woke up at 3:30am, traveled and lounged at the beach until sunset. We are tuckered out. After the beach, we headed to a local restaurant where we had the most amazing meal in a very long time. Dare I say ever?? We started with goat cheese bruschetta, which didn't have that tangy, tart taste that you're familiar with. It was so smooth and creamy. Simply the best! I had lobster, Gouda Mac n Cheese and it was divine! It wasn't heavy like most Mac n cheese dishes. This was very light, with a buttery flavor from the lobster. The lobster was so amazing! Most restaurants over cook their lobster to where it's rubbery or its not fresh. This was the exact opposite. Brian had blackened mahi mahi fish tacos with a cold orzo pasta salad. It had a little kick but it was very light and fresh! I honestly was to obsessed with my meal that I really couldn't tell you much about his other than it was good!

Tomorrow we are making fruit smoothies and packing a cooler to sit our sandy bums back at the beach for the whole day! Have a good Wednesday!


  1. So jealous you are in Florida right now! We will be there in about 2 months. Ah! Seems so far away.

    1. That'll be a perfect time! The water is pretty chilly now and should be perfect in a few months for you!