Thursday, April 4, 2013

Sharks, dolphins and Manta Rays

Greetings! Thank goodness for a rainy day! We somehow managed to burn our hands and feet but nothing in between! How bizarre?! We started the day off at Anna Marias Donuts and they were exquisite! Well worth the 40 minute wait! They were made to order cake donuts and you were able to choose between 6 icings (vanilla, glazed, caramel etc.) and then you chose your toppings (fruity pebbles, cinnamon sugar, raspberry etc. ). They had a bazillion combinations to think of! We need to open one in Omaha!

We then drove into Sarasota to do some shopping and eating. After shopping, we stopped at Mozzarella Fella for Italian sandwiches topped with homemade mozzarella! The mozzarella is actually made as you order your sandwich, so it's still warm by the time you get it. Again, something we don't have back home!

Tonight we just lounged out on our patio and had some appetizers. While hanging out down at the beach, we saw countless dolphins, Manta Rays and hammerhead sharks!

Tomorrow we head south to Ft Myers for 3 days! It's been a few years since I've been, so it should be fun!